Monday, October 21, 2013

Delaware Largemouth Bass Stocking

Approximately 4,700 largemouth bass fingerlings were stocked in Records Pond near Laurel, Delaware during 2013. DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife undertook the stocking project to help restore the pond’s largemouth bass population.

In the fall of 2012, an unknown number of largemouth bass were washed downstream when the water level was lowered to protect the pond dam in preparation for Hurricane Sandy.

Spring surveys of the pond found low numbers of largemouth bass, so the Division of Fish and Wildlife is requesting that anglers practice catch-and-release through 2014 to allow the population time to re-establish.

Bluegill and golden shiners were stocked last fall in an effort to boost the pond’s fish community and provide forage for predatory fish such as bass and crappie.

source: Delaware DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife

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