Thursday, February 16, 2012

Middle River Largemouth Bass Tagging Program

Anglers fishing on the Middle River in Maryland should be on the lookout for tagged largemouth bass. In the fall of 2011, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Inland Fisheries biologists along with volunteers from the Maryland Bass Federation Nation released 250 largemouth bass in Middle River as part of the state's bass fishing enhancement program.

DNR staff inserted red identification tags into 200 of the fish as part of a study to find out if the bass remain in the river. Any angler who catches a tagged fish and provides the date and location along with the tag number to DNR will earn a collectable Largemouth Bass Program Volunteer hat. The DNR Bass Program return address is printed on the tag along with the four-digit code. Anglers may also call Joe Love with the information at 410-260-8257.

This is the third consecutive year that DNR has released adult, 4- to 12-inch largemouth bass in Middle River. This year, approximately twenty percent of the fish came from the State’s Joseph Manning Hatchery in the Cedarville State Forest near Brandywine. The rest of the fish came from a Maryland-certified commercial hatchery in Arkansas.

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