Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Attract Clients to a Fishing Guide Service

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The following article offers tips for recruiting new clients to fishing guide services or similar businesses. Many of these methods are applicable to existing businesses as well as those that are in the start up phase.

Build a basic website. Websites should be easy to navigate while providing essential information about guiding services.

Once a website has been established, it should be submitted to an online fishing guide directory that allows anglers to search for fishing trips by country and region.

Blogging is an excellent way to attract new clients. Most guides publish some form of online fishing report and blogs are usually the simplest ways to do this. Fishing report blogs can be integrated with the website, or reside on a free blogging platform.

When possible, fishing report blogs should include pictures of recent catches. Other blog content can include comments from recent clients, short stories, news, events, special pricing or other business announcements.

Guides can also guest blog on an online fishing news site, wildlife blog, or other specialty site. Most outdoor blogs welcome content from professional guides and other stakeholders.

Press releases and media releases are another way to promote a guide business. These tools reach online resources as well as traditional media.

Brochures are essential for attracting new clients. Tri-fold brochures can be purchased or made and placed in areas that are frequented by visitors.

Local and national guide associations can be sources of new clients. Membership in these organizations is often an important part of being a professional guide.

State and local chambers of commerce are also important for fishing guides. Most chambers provide listings for members which can be sources of new clients.

Fishing shows and other events usually offer fishing seminars. Being a speaker at a seminar can reach hundreds of people which can pay off in terms of new business.

Custom fishing merchandise can be a valuable tool for attracting new clients. A catchy t shirt or coffee mug often gets noticed, sparking conversations about successful fishing trips with a local guide.

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