Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brown Trout T Shirts - Accessories

Brown trout are always popular among anglers and fish art enthusiasts. They are widely acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful species of freshwater trout.

Appearances of brown trout vary greatly from region to region. Most adult fish are olive-green or brownish above, with cream and golden-yellow along the sides. The belly is usually whitish. Brown trout usually have black spots along their sides, back and dorsal fin. These spots are outlined by a lighter colored halo.

The brown trout belongs to the genus Salmo, a group that also includes Atlantic salmon and other species. Anadromous forms of brown trout also exist (sea trout).

Brown trout were introduced into North America in the 1800's. The species quickly established itself in the
lakes, rivers and streams of the northern U.S., Great Lakes Basin and other areas.

In North America, brown trout often reach weights of 8 pounds or more. Some individuals grow much larger. The world record for brown trout is shared by 2 fish, both of which weighed over 41 pounds.

Browns are considered to be among the most challenging trout species to catch. They are also prized for their size and quality as a food fish.

Brown trout t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and other collectibles make excellent gifts for fly fishermen or anyone that enjoys wildlife.

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