Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live Bait Rigs for Catching Walleye

Types of Walleye Live Bait Rigs

Anglers employ a variety of worm rigs and other and live bait rigs for catching walleye. Most worm rigs are variations of the basic carolina style live bait rig which features a weight above a swivel, followed by a trailing leader armed with one or more hooks.

These same rigs also catch a variety of other species such as sauger, lake trout, pike, musky, black bass, white bass and other freshwater fish.

Leader lengths for walleye worm rigs and other live bait rigs often varies among anglers. Shorter leaders tend to tangle less, while longer leaders are used when fish appear to be shy.

The following list outlines options for the various components used in making rigs for catching walleye.


slip sinkers
inline sinkers
keel weights (available in fish hologram)

Spinner Blades

painted - coated


hologram spacers


single snelled (live minnows)
double snelled (live nightcrawlers)

Walleye Live Baits

live minnows

Artificial Lures

plastic worms
shad bodies
scented - processed baits

Fishing Techniques

Worm rigs and other live bait rigs are effective when slowly worked along the bottom in areas where walleye are found. Maintaining close contact with the bottom is essential. Although anglers often fish for walleye during the day, many specialists feel that the best fishing occurs during low light periods, with productive fishing often going into the night time hours.

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