Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kentucky River Spring Musky Fishing

Kentucky musky (muskellunge) anglers may want to plan a trip to the Kentucky River this spring. For 2011, population sampling on the Kentucky River is showing healthy populations of species such as musky, white bass, and sauger. The research is conducted annually by fishery biologists with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

The Kentucky River may be the most overlooked muskellunge fishery in the state. Biologists for the state typically see muskellunge below the locks and dams on the Kentucky River each spring. This year researchers found good numbers of muskellunge over 30 inches and several over 40 inches.

The mouths of tributaries near locks and dams on the Kentucky River could lead to a muskellunge fishing field day, with high numbers of these toothy predators in Cedar Creek  According to biologists, suckers and buffalo fish are, preferred prey of muskellunge, and many of these fish migrated into Cedar Creek this spring. The muskellunge followed and are plentiful in some areas of the creek.

According to Gerry Buynak, assistant director of fisheries for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, anglers should expect good fishing on the Kentucky River this spring.

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