Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Rainbow Trout Stocking Programs

Rainbow trout are among the most sought after of all freshwater fish. Many states offer trout stocking programs and some biologists are already busy releasing fish for 2011.

The following list includes a sampling of 2011 state trout stocking programs which provide anglers with opportunities to catch rainbow trout during late-winter and early-spring:


In Maryland, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has begun its MD trout stocking season, releasing approximately 327,000 rainbows and brown trout across the State.

Trout stocking in Lake Thompson is underway in Virginia with more trout to be added thru May.

West Virginia has announced its 2011 trout stocking program.

Central USA

The 2011 Ohio fish stocking program will release more than 80,700 rainbow trout into 48 Ohio lakes and ponds.

Rainbow trout fishing will also be available in Missouri trout parks. Anglers can fish for trout at Roaring River State Park near Cassville, Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon and Montauk State Park near Salem.

In Indiana, rainbow trout stocked in Fort Harrison State Park should be in the wild by in late March.

Pacific Coast

The annual trout stocking of Oregon’s north coast lakes will resume in early March. A number of lakes are scheduled to be stocked with legal size (about 8-10”) rainbow trout.

Gulf Coast

In Texas, anglers can catch rainbows at the Tyler Nature Center Trout Fest, a spring break fishing event for kids.

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