Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spinnerbait Techniques For Catching Panfish

Spinnerbaits are excellent lures for catching bass, crappie, bream, yellow perch and other freshwater fish, especially during cool weather when fish are sluggish.

Most panfish spinnerbaits use a special metal arm and jig combination. One end of the arm is equipped with a swivel and a silver or gold blade. The other end of the arm is equipped with a snap for connecting to the jig.

These simple designs have several advantages:

 - Their modular construction allows anglers to easily change soft plastic lure bodies or jig heads.

 - Most models can be purchased with or without a jig.

 - Simple spinnerbaits catch a wide range of species, including largemouth bass, black crappie, bream sunfish, rock bass, yellow perch, and chain pickerel.

 - Anglers can choose from a variety of soft plastic bodies, marabou jigs or add bait strips.

 - Due to their design, spinnerbaits are less likely to get hung up on limbs or other underwater obstructions. 

 - Spinnerbaits can be worked very slowly, allowing sluggish fish time to react.

- Pulsating spinner blades create pressure waves as well as bright flashes which attract fish in murky water.

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